The Jeffersonland Chorus is making a return to the BIG stage!

For All Ages

Thursday November 17

St. Anne's-Belfield Greenway Rise Auditorium


Harmony For All Ages is 90 minutes of fun-filled entertainment brought to you by JLC, our quartets, and our special guests "Youth Reclamation Project," an award winning quartet from Richmond. Together, we'll embark on a journey through the evolution of Barbershop music. With playful takes on Barbershop's early days and modern arrangements showcasing present-day Barbershop, there is something for everyone. We even have original songs and arrangements from within the group! It's JLC as you've never seen us before. Don't just sit there and wait for something with your Thursday night. Come see the Jeffersonland Chorus at Harmony For All Ages!

A portion of proceeds from the show will go to the University of Virginia Women in Math and Sciences (WIMS), an outstanding local non-profit encouraging women of all ages to pursue careers in math and science, and providing opportunities for those who do. 


Guest Quartet- The Youth reclamation project

Youth Reclamation Project, winners of the Mid Atlantic District Senior Quartet Competition in 2009 and bronze medalists in the International Quartet Competition, will be stopping by to sing some of their favorites for the show. You won't want to miss what this award winning quartet has to offer!


A dentist, a student, a financial manager, and an anthropologist. Together, they form Lark. United by their common love for singing inside and outside the constraints of barbershop harmony, Leo, Scott, Sam, and Jack are often not simply referred to as a barbershop quartet, but more commonly referred to as, "who?" They look forward to introducing themselves to you at "Harmony for all Ages."

The barbers of c'ville

The most chronologically gifted quartet in the chorus, reflecting (if only in its name) the fame and musical sophistication of Rossini's opera.  Over its decade of existence “Barbers” has seen an array of singers, with the current composition in place for a couple of years.  At the quartet’s most recent public performance, the audience stood and cheered, some in the crowd so moved that they sang along.  Then the Tom Sox baseball game began.

The Delegates

Nico, Scott, Craig and Dude make up the newest JLC quartet. They'll be performing the epic "Silence your cell phones" jingle and more if time permits! Esoteric, quirky, voluminous and baffling. These are all words found in the dictionary which may or may not apply to this fresh, aspiring group. Come to the show and find out for yourselves if these terms apply. 

Our Supporters

We'd like to thank our supporters, without whom this show would not be possible.