Class of 2017 Graduation


12/18/17 Our first graduation class sings to An enthralled audience

Family, friends and supporters of the JLC Singing Lesson program joined us as we performed a short show including our graduating songsters. The students all had positive experiences and we wish them well in their future singing endeavors. 

10/30/17 men of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels came to learn

We had over 25 men join us for lessons - we almost ran out of room during the class and afterwards when the men joined the Chorus for our rehearsal! As advertised, boys and men, novices and experts joined us for this event. Thanks to all who came.

Some comments from the first night's attendees:

"The experience was simply fantastic.  What an amazing group of singers showed up tonight.  I could never have imagined so many strong voices, led in such a positive manner, if I hadn’t experienced it myself."

"I think there is a lots of interest in singing in Charlottesville. People love to sing but the cost of lessons has held many of us back. "

"I intend to return next week to see where this journey leads. My goal is to participate in a choir that performs quality music that stretches the singers."

"It was good to feel that roundness in my voice from singing and the resonance returning to my voice as I was speaking."

"The best parts were actually meeting the people, including the directors, and sitting in on the chorus rehearsal."